8 benefits Of Practising Chi Kung

Chi Kung has been around since the dawn of Chinese civilization, and now, more than ever, people around the world are practicing it. Here are a few benefits associated with practising Chi Kung:

1. Self defence

Chi Kung itself is not a martial art but it cultivates “chi” energy used in martial arts. It builds up a person’s strength without building muscle. This is how a small weak man can use this art to topple his opponent twice his size, weight and strength.

2.Builds power and concentration

In chi kung we use a combination of subconscious conditioning, visualization, concentration and focused intent to guide and circulate out chi energy. With practice, we will be able to focus our concentration.

3. Deeper, more restorative sleep.

Qigong will help you find the deep relaxation and mental quiet necessary for sleep.

4. Increased energy, including sexual vitality and fertility. Qigong people have more energy; it can reverse energy and restore youthfulness.

5. Happy attitude.

Correct and moderate qigong practice usually creates an optimistic and joyous disposition.

6. More efficient metabolism

Digestion improves, and hair and nails grow more quickly.

7. Greater physiological control.

It normalizes all aspects of the body that were imbalanced or out of control. For example, breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, hormone levels, and states of chronic inflammation or depletion.

8. Spiritual effects.

Advancement in chi kung is often accompanied by a variety of spiritual experiences. For example, synchronicity, meaningful coincidences, become more common. When the qi is abundant, clear, and flowing, the senses perceive and are permeated by a sweetness.